Self Portrait 2024

Self-portrait 2024

Tori is a talented lifestyle photographer who specializes in capturing the unique personalities of her subjects through her lens. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Tori strives to create authentic and captivating images that reflect the true essence of each individual she photographs. Whether she's shooting portraits, candid moments, or lifestyle scenes, Tori's work is marked by its warmth, intimacy, and artistry. With a knack for putting her subjects at ease and bringing out their innermost selves, Tori's photographs are not just pictures, but windows into the souls of those she captures. Let Tori tell your story through her lens and bring your personality to life in stunning images.
Book Credits: 
33 Days of December by Eric S. Watts
The ABC's of Gratitude: How to be GRATEFUL when things are not so GREAT by L.S. Maiten
Member of Black Women Photographers |
Red Bull Dance Your Style FAMU 2022 
 Red Bull FAMU Homecoming Tailgate 2022
Mygani Curls & Convo event
MyGani : for our girls: back to school event
Published Features In:
 MobJournal (Montreal) Volume 26 Issue 26
 Artells Magazine: Fashion September Volume 461
 Swanky Kids Magazine | August 2022 Issue 8
 Selin Magazine | Issue 18 Vol. 52
 Creative Collective Magazine | March 2020 Issue 1 | April 2020 Issue 8
The Photograp[HER] Magazine | March 2020 Volume 4
Buzz Magazine |

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