A visual storyteller who has a classic cinematic style. She is passionate about capturing movement and authentic moments where the essence of the individual shines through the lens.
Based in Jacksonville, FL
Email: ToriTVisual@outlook.com 
Book Credits: 
33 Days of December by Eric S. Watts
The ABC's of Gratitude: How to be GRATEFUL when things are not so GREAT by L.S. Maiten
Member of Black Women Photographers | blackwomenphotographers.com
Red Bull Dance Your Style FAMU 2022 
 Red Bull FAMU Homecoming Tailgate 2022
Published Features In:
 MobJournal (Montreal) Volume 26 Issue 26
 Artells Magazine: Fashion September Volume 461
 Swanky Kids Magazine | August 2022 Issue 8
 Selin Magazine | Issue 18 Vol. 52
 Creative Collective Magazine | March 2020 Issue 1 | April 2020 Issue 8
The Photograp[HER] Magazine | March 2020 Volume 4
Buzz Magazine | iwantabuzz.com

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